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Packages include

All camp package includes:

  • Airport pick up / drop off

  • Accommodation

  • Dance Classes

  • Tour Guides and Staff members fluent in both English and Mandarin.

  • Transport between cities and towns

  • Daily breakfast

  • Excursions trips and tickets to:

Excursions​: This will vary from package, for details choose your Journey above.


Even though we will stay at many different accommodations during the camp from hotels to hostels, we ensure that all are to a great standard. Here is what you can expect from the standard of accommodations that we will stay at.  Not only will the accommodations be for sleeping but they will also be great places to relax after long exciting days, and there will be lots of hang out areas for everyone to spend time together to catch up with the day and talk about the exciting journeys and classes they have had.

Hostel lobby

The lobbies of the accommodation will generally all have seating areas, computers for internet use, and dining areas.  Laundry facilities are also available.

Hostel chill out area

Nearly all places we stay at will have chill out areas where people can relax and even meet other travellers from around the world that are not part of our camp.

Hostel bathroom

Bathrooms within our accommodations will always be of a nice and clean standard as you can see from this hostel bathroom with shower. 

Hotel room

The hotel rooms come as a standard.  All rooms will be for 2 people, come with it's own bathrooms, TV, air conditioning and some even have nice balconies to enjoy the view

Hostel room

Hostel rooms are shared rooms, with each person having their own beds, but the bathrooms facilities will be shared.  All beds come with adaptors for charging phones etc.

Hostel outdoor social space

It will be summer time and an outdoor balcony space is always perfect for enjoying the weather when you are relaxing after those exhilarating dance classes.

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