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The Journey, China


  • 2nd - 5th July, Beijing: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace.

  • 6th - 8th July, Xi’an: Terracotta Warriors.

  • 8th - 11th July, Chengdu: Panda Reserve. Dance classes at Kinjaz Dojo and Quick Crews, Quick Style Studios.

  • 11th - 15th July, Zhangjiajie: National Forest Park.

  • 15th - 16th July, Phoenix Ancient Town: Boat ride through Pheonix ancient town

  • 16th - 19th July, Guilin: Elephant Trunk Hill, and Li River Cruise.

  • 18th July, LongSheng: Longji Rice Terraces.

  • 19th July - 23rd July, Yangshuo: Xingping ancient town visit, Impression Liu Sanjie light show, and bike day exploring Yangshuo.

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Beijing, China’s massive capital, has history stretching back 3 millennia. Yet it’s known as much for its modern architecture as its ancient sites such as the Forbidden City complex, the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Zhangjiajie is famous for its precarious peaks, limpid streams, dense forests, and large karst caves. It was thrust into foreigner travelers' eyes after the movie Avatar. The Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar were inspired by the parks Heavenly Pillar.


It is famous for its beautiful rice terraced fields and ethnic villages in mountainous areas. There are 10 ethnic groups in Longsheng, including Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong 

and some others, all of whom are adept in folk singing and dancing.


Xi'an is the oldest of China's four great ancient capitals, serving as the capital city of 13 dynasties spreading intermittently across a 1,100-year period from 221 BC. It is often called the birthplace of Chinese civilization. It marks the silk road's eastern end.

Phoenix Ancient Town

A small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colourful ethnic customs which was praised as "the Most Beautiful Town of China" by famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley.  It also specialises in ginger sugar, a must try.


Yangshuo is popular among tourists for its karst peaks, rivers, caves, and temples, as well as its laid back cafes and bars. You must also try the big and sweet Yishan fruit which is only produced in the Yangshuo region and rich in vitamens A and C.


Chengdu is panda city, home to the panda research and breading centre.  It has been found to be much older than previously thought. The Jinsha excavation site shows us that Chengdu was an important gathering place for people 4,000 years ago.


Guilin is a city in southern China known for its dramatic landscape of limestone karst hills, which draws millions of tourists. it's reputation as one of the world's most beautiful places has been established over centuries by VIPs from poets to emperors.

Xingping Ancient Town

Xingping is the major starting point for the most scenic stretch of the Li River, which runs north and upstream to the small town of Yangdi.  The picture on the back of a 20 yuan note is also drawn from Xingping Ancient Town.  The views are breathtaking.

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